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Tumble with me as I wonder lost in the woods of Alaska where I sing to the trees, take pictures of breakfast, post pretties I find as I tumble your posts..
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Thank you @amydelrosso ..Iz haz the precious @tedgoeglein #ColdFury series by &tmgoeglian.. Craving molasses cookies now #IeatYA & read it. (at Kriss’ Crazy Train)

Just Books with @BookGirlTV features @LindaFairstein and #TerminalCity


[box type=”download”] NEW YORK CITY – Tessa Smith McGovern finds the best new books to read for BookGirlTV so you don’t have to and takes you behind the scenes with today’s top authors.[/box]

BookGirlTV-poster_image904With BookGirlTV, McGovern cuts through the advertising and hype to find what books you should be reading right now. She aims to save people time and money by only highlighting exceptional books that readers…

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I wonder if there’s a special lower level of hell …with goats that eat their naughty bits off at the top of everything hour for people like my soon to be ex-neighbors #homicidal #humpday (at Den of Doom)

I’m watching Extant

“YES I love this bloody show!”

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For those asking how dare the fireweed is mown, I here you go for #Alaska #walks #flowers #Fairbanks (at Toga Lane)

Representing @ksua915FM in my retro? (7-yrs old) hoodie while #walking my way to healthy (at Kriss’ Cozy Cabin)

Seeing spots alright – “Sunspots” by @KarenSueBell Twofer Tuesday #BookReview

Welcome to the first ever Twofer Tuesday review!


Leanne, one of Cabin Goddess’ minion reviewers who focuses on romance, paranormal romance, erotica and all the other books I usually don’t read because of my other than paranormal romance (which at times I read) I am more of the blood and guts and zombie reader. But SUNSPOTS promised magical realism and it is something I have done a bit of…

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I’m watching Six Feet Under

“I want to own the old hearse …. just to mess with people’s heads and have a large rear end with stocky shocks to haul shit around.. again to fuck with people, yes I am weird and morose at the moment… #sixfeetwhat?”

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Nine By Night – What happens when 9 best-selling authors get together? #coverreveal

Epic Box Sets

A gorgeous cover reveal for your Saturday Morning perusal. Meet each author and find out what books each have contributed to this August release of Nine by Night!



Pre-Order on Smashwords Today! authors-and-their-stories

[tabs slidertype=”left tabs” fx=”slide”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]SM REINE[/tabtext] [tabtext]CJ ELLISSON[/tabtext] [tabtext]LINDSAY BUROKER[/tabtext] [tabtext]ANTHEA…

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We know what happened

Some kind of 4 armed insect lady was hit by a car rest in peace god bless



We know what happened

Some kind of 4 armed insect lady was hit by a car rest in peace god bless

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@KenMacGregor Has Beers with Gavin, the Werewolf – a #FourthWallFriday Pub Special

Oh my another Siren’s Call author come to brighten my day and help me through my craptastic week. Of course, Fourth-Wall Friday is a cure for anything so is beer… wait a minute!! This is a HORROR BOOK! Hold on, me and horror, a couple of beers, a werewolf *nodding* I think this could work.. Everyone raise a glass to Ken MacGregor and his collection of twenty-two…

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I can feel the emptiness from here. She saved my life after everything that happened to me 8 years ago.. I I can’t bring myself to go in… I but Geoff is inside and he needs me #rainbowbridge #catlove #petlovers #cats #grief (at Kriss’ Crazy Train)

I’m watching The Ramen Girl

“I actually am adoring this movie. Sappy chick flicks for the soul, screw chicken soup.”

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After 20-Years, How Do You Say Goodbye to Your Best Friend #pets

I don’t even want to write a post. I am taking my time, force-feeding her a bit of food, which she eats when she is able to figure out by texture what it is. I think her sense of smell is gone. She stopped purring a few days ago, can barely walk because of her rear end not working properly. She is not sick, she is old as in 20-years old.

She has been in Geoff’s life for 20 years and mine for 10.…

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My mouth feels so good..It’s making me feel fab too! #oilpulling rocks #healthyliving #gonatural (at Castle Greyskull)