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Tumble with me as I wonder lost in the woods of Alaska where I sing to the trees, take pictures of breakfast, post pretties I find as I tumble your posts..
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I’m watching Lost Girl

“I totally have Mr. Grumpy Pants hooked on the show. Season 1 all over again.”

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Mike Hartner, you made me cry last night..but today I’ll be atibg smoked salmon omelets & chocolate for desert! #presents (at USPS Post Office)

I’m watching NUMB3RS

“”Your geometry against my physics! “”

Check-in to NUMB3RS on tvtag

Mobsters & Molasses Cookies!! Cold Fury series by @TMGoeglein #Review #MondayBlogs

Series Review & a RecipeEmbers-and-Ash-Tour-KLM

I had to beg Amy over at Lady Reader’s Blog Tour to review not just Ember’s and Ash but a full series review on Monday just so I could do a Mama’s Kitchen Mondays review and a recipe! This post has all the info for all three books plus reviews for each book separately, a recipe for Grandmother Rispoli’s Molasses Cookies and a giveaway!

After thinking long and hard about…

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"I concede" #Kick his ass… oh how I love you my pretty green deck #MtG #geeklove (at Lyons Arch, Eastern Ward)

Dungeon Saga another epic game by @ManticGames #Kickstarter

I am totally geeking out with this Kickstarter project! They are funded and now it is this awesome add-ons! Check it out today!

Geoff and I are starting to play a lot of board games. We finally got my first Kickstarter pledge Cthulian Monopoly game and we also have been playing Magic the Gathering again. Both of us have a history of table top gaming which began our love and obsession from:…

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Honestly to go chillax at Kricket’s (at City of North Pole)

Loading the quads up and headed home #Fairbanks #TheAlaskaLife #family (at Chena Lakes Recreation Area)

#sunset.. throwing rocks.. Digesting the day.. #Alaska #Fairbanks (at Chena Lakes Recreation Area)

Grilled dogs for a birthday #dinner (at Chena Lakes Recreation Area)

Fire in the the sky.. Fire in the pit.. Danceing babies..dancing bugs.. @dancingkricket #NorthPole #Alaska (at Chena Lakes Recreation Area)

Let. Me. Go. I want to run and traffic and temp the fate of the open water…. I’m a toddler, the let me run free…. #naptime (at Evil Harpy Mobile)

OMG save me!! Killer misquitos.. I’m trapped in the outhouse!! #TheAlaskaLife (at Chena Lakes Recreation Area)

Piddles in the House #Alaskan Guard Dog (at Chena Lakes Recreation Area)

Clowns AND minature freaky ..lovey bundle of fur…. (at Fred Meyer)