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I swear to god, the other day I was in the library and this woman brought up that "its a shame that they have white girls playing a black girl (Cleopatra)" and I told her that Cleopatra was Greek and she said "you're white, you cant say shit about it". Um???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Zahi Hawass, an EGYPTIAN, who is an EGYPTOLOGIST, HAS FUCKING SAID SHE WAS GREEK. ARE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING DUMBASSES THAT DONT READ OR WHAT?
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I just supported Will the vampires win? on @ThunderclapIt // @MargoBondCollin

I just supported New Visions from a Small Press on @ThunderclapIt // @EvolvedPub

Discussing PTSD with @IrishWinters1: “Harley”, is fictional, #PTSD is not…

When Amy from Lady Reader’s Bookstuff tours said, “Hey you, I have this great guest post on PTSD from Irish, want to post it on Cabin Goddess?” Silly wench, did she really need to ask? As a PTSD survivor, a former military wife who has experienced and helped so many soldiers through their own hell, I know first hand just how serious of a subject this is. PTSD is not just for soldiers, but I since…

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#Dentist aka Satan… So not happy this is happening. I have my Tardis bag and my Daryl doll to keep me from flipping out (at Interior Community Health Center)

New #bacon creation: tirkry dog w/ my homemade quick bacon mustard relish #carpetpicnic in the rain #alaskangirlskickass (at Kriss’ Crazy Train)


When called, they each came for different reasons.

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Classic Disney Movies

Love it!

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Neither “property” nor the value of property is a physical thing. Property is a set of defined options…It is that set of options which has economic value…It is the options, and not the physical things, which are the “property” - economically as well as legally…But because the public tends to think of property as tangible, physical things, this opens the way politically for government confiscation of property by forcibly taking away options while leaving the physical objects untouched.

I’m watching The Machine

“Monday mornibg esoteric movies for a cup of coffee, Alex.”

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Policing the Narrative: A Fairy Tale Urban #Fantasy – Indexing by @SeananMcGuire #Review

Welcome to my Fairy Tales Hop Stop!
“Everyone thinks of [Fairy Tales] in terms of poisoned apples and glass coffins, and forgets that they represent girls who walked into dark forests and remade them into their own reflections.”

Seanan McGuire, Indexing

I love fairy tales! I especially love the trend for the last few years in urban fantasy to retell them. From Through the Zombie Glass (White…

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Fun times

Pretty in Pink Commander Deck #MagictheGathering #FNM better late than never tonight. (at Castle Greyskull)

Priorities…that is all (at Fred Meyer)

Yes Japanese candy purchase is required when you hit #TheComicShop for #FNM #MagictheGathering (at The Comic Shop of Fairbanks, Alaska)