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Tumble with me as I wonder lost in the woods of Alaska where I sing to the trees, take pictures of breakfast, post pretties I find as I tumble your posts..
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Dayum look at those paws! Holy Toledo! She’s claiming Geoff as one I’d her laps. #cats (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

Look at the size of her paws. I’m not sure of its safe to sleep. She has resting bitch face down. #cats (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

She’s helping me convalesce #catlove (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

Ummmm if you start seeing woe is me posts, the @tacobell doesn’t taste right. But of we get food poisoning we probably won’t know because it wrecks us everytime #stomachabuse (at Taco Bell)

I’m watching The Walking Dead

“Monday morning Dead. Oh how I love thee. #TheWalkingDead”

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You wanted to plat #MagictheGathering you say? And #cat attack #lapwhore (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

Great Balls of Fire! Burn for Me by @Ilona_Andrews #MondayBlogs Review & #Recipe

Burn-for-Me-BewitchingWelcome to a long over due Mamma’s Kitchen Mondays Review!

I squealed so loud when I saw Roxanne announce we were touring Ilona. I threw myself in and am thrilled to be helping launch the tour. I also have a wonderful recipe which fits this hot read with an equally hot recipe.




The urban fantasy blockbuster team of Ilona Andrews has done it again with BURN FOR ME. This is one book…

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Yep that’s right. #Cat photos. Deal with it. (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

She’s rolling around and purring and having a ball. #cat sitting (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

Gigi Just totally had the funniest play time with me. Dang it she has stolen my heart. #catlove (at GiGi’s Summer Camp)

She totally is digging lap time. Wait so is he. Oh my, I believe Gigi is doing fine! #cats (at Summer Camp)

I’m watching Rev.

“Liam Neisen Just played God. I’m sobbing and I am not even Christian.”

Check-in to Rev. on tvtag

I’m watching Rev.

“Giving this a shot! Looks fabulous. Good stuff while I work today.”

Check-in to Rev. on tvtag

I’m watching The Colbert Report

“Watching Jamie Oliver with the Comfort Food segment. How flipping interesting. Considering I am working on my mental healthy eating and studying how comfort foods are sometimes actually VERY good for you, while some are not. Plus… IT IS COLBERT!”

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I’m watching How to Get Away With Murder

“The last scene of Let’s Get to Scooping is one of the most poignant thus far in this show. So impressed with this show. I realize it is not for everyone but the subtle nuances and the foreshadowing of an event which seems to confuse people actually lends some amazing things. It is like reading a book unfold while watching it live from the sidelines. Adore this show.”

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