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Tumble with me as I wonder lost in the woods of Alaska where I sing to the trees, take pictures of breakfast, post pretties I find as I tumble your posts..
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I commented about Dominion on tvtag

“OMG watching FLOOD (still catching up) THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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#Review of Chameleon’s Spell by @RoniOConnell & Vegetarian Chili #Recipe


It’s that time again for a Mama’s Kitchen Mondaysreview! Today I have a special review to share with an interesting fantasy review. First, let’s talk about the book then I will bring on my favorite vegetarian chili recipe. I have some pretty epic tricks to my recipe and even the biggest red-blood meat eaters have consumed it and had no clue there was no meat in it. It’s magic, I tell ya! That…

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I’m watching Dominion

“Watching the pilot again while I write..epix”

Check-in to Dominion on tvtag

Bob speaks for my heart today (at Castle Greyskull)

#Breakfast today (yes it’s still morning here) Geoff says this proves I’m part Mediterranean lol #adopted mysteries solved through food (at Den of Doom)

Missing your snuggles tonight, I’m A Asrielle… #caturday #RIP #rainbowbridge (at Lyons Arch, Eastern Ward)

I’m watching Six Feet Under

“I adore this show. “Does anyone feel sick from this? No, so who the fuck cares” #Art is about feeling”

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Legally Undead by @MargoBondCollin – one gal, an undead fiance & a letter opener

A few months ago Margo signed up for Fourth-Wall Friday (which she will be here tomorrow so stay tuned) and asked if I would be interested in reading the ARC for this new urban fantasy book’s world build she was releasing a month from when she signed up. This is way back in May (which oddly seems like five years ago) anyway she planned on playing in her world-build for the Fourth-Wall Friday. I…

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I’m watching Battle: Los Angeles

“BOYYAAA It is Thursday which means BAD MOVIE MORNING is ON, bitches”

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Thank you @amydelrosso ..Iz haz the precious @tedgoeglein #ColdFury series by &tmgoeglian.. Craving molasses cookies now #IeatYA & read it. (at Kriss’ Crazy Train)

Just Books with @BookGirlTV features @LindaFairstein and #TerminalCity


[box type=”download”] NEW YORK CITY – Tessa Smith McGovern finds the best new books to read for BookGirlTV so you don’t have to and takes you behind the scenes with today’s top authors.[/box]

BookGirlTV-poster_image904With BookGirlTV, McGovern cuts through the advertising and hype to find what books you should be reading right now. She aims to save people time and money by only highlighting exceptional books that readers…

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I wonder if there’s a special lower level of hell …with goats that eat their naughty bits off at the top of everything hour for people like my soon to be ex-neighbors #homicidal #humpday (at Den of Doom)

I’m watching Extant

“YES I love this bloody show!”

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For those asking how dare the fireweed is mown, I here you go for #Alaska #walks #flowers #Fairbanks (at Toga Lane)

Representing @ksua915FM in my retro? (7-yrs old) hoodie while #walking my way to healthy (at Kriss’ Cozy Cabin)